Saturday, 24 December 2011


It is Christmas eve and I write this blog with mulled wine and mince pie in hand! I thought I would share a little Christmas montage to get in the festive spirit!


Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Last night I had the pleasure of performing inside the truly beautiful SS Great Britain in Bristol! alongside the lovely Keda Breeze (the entertainment was provided by It was a corporate Christmas party for the designers of Clarks shoes!

It was a real experience to perform inside such a beautiful venue with such a rich history! I enjoyed sneaking round to look in all the cabins and engine room!

For more info on the ship and museum visit:

How it looks in the day! 
How it looked last night!
The 1st Class Dining Room (where we performed)
Our dressing cabin!
1st Class!
Keda Breeze

Sunday, 18 December 2011


Last night I was performing at the lovely Wam Bam Club in London for their Christmas special! It was really great fun as always and extra special as I managed to catch up with Cherry Shakewell for a dinner date before and a drink after!

I was performing alongside all these fab performers (on the poster below!)

Photo by Craig Swatton
Photo by Craig Swatton
Cherry & I Hanging out Backstage at Cafe De Paris!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Last Thursday marked the start of my Christmas show rush! I was performing at the Greene Room in Milton Keynes alongside the lovely Sophia St Villier! 

On Friday I was performing at "Hoochie Coochie Kabaret Exotica" in Bristol both and early and late shows were sell out successes! I was performing alongside Keda Breeze,Violet Vayne, The Countess and the  Bureau of Random Acts! I was also delighted to be the poster girl for this show:

On Saturday I headed over to Oldham to perform at "The Blind Tiger" it was a lovely little show and it was packed to the rafters and the line up also included Willow Blue, Amelia Valentine, Harrison Richards, Cassandra Niamh and other local newcomer burlesque girlies! Again they had a beautiful poster featuring little old me:

On Sunday I taught my Fandance Workshop to the lovely ladies of Oldham (see below), then it was a mad dash to catch my train with only 20seconds to spare!

This blog doesn't include my usual "mirror" shots as funnily enough, none of the shows had mirrors backstage this weekend!

Luckily I have also found time to put up my Christmas tree and have a Christmas Manicure, phew!

Five Christmas Shows down, three to go! 

Monday, 12 December 2011


As I mentioned before back in my July blog I was lucky enough to feature in another Ruth Paxton master piece film - Baroque.

The full film will be screening at London Short Film Festival 2012 on 8th January and here is a little preview:


You can also see Ruth's equally talented brother Louis's film "Pouncer" at the same Festival on the 6th of Jan. More details below for both films below:

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Last Thursday I hopped on a plane to Amsterdam to spend a much needed long weekend off with my best friend Ruth! She is currently based over there and it was lovely to go back and be shown around by someone who knows whats what!

On the first night we had a lovely time catching up, eating good food and having a wander around! The next morning I had to film an audition tape for an exciting casting, so it was perfect that I happened to be staying with my favourite filmmaker at the time and we had fun filming it! Fingers crossed!

The lovely view from the Apartment

Top of the range Camera Tripod
Editing Suit
Photo by Ruth
We spent the rest of Friday wandering around Amsterdam and taking in the sights, eating the best Mexican food I have ever had, drinking Margaritas and finished it off with a movie marathon!

Photo by Ruth
Photo by Ruth

Red Lights
 On Saturday I had the pleasure of being invited along to a Sinterklaas party with Ruth's fellow filmmaker friends. Sinterklaas (St Nicholas) is sort of like our Santa (with very questionable elves called Piet) and he is celebrated on the 5th of December. It is hard to explain so if you wanna know more, have a read here: At this party we ate sweet teats, soup and Gluhwein and the group swapped gifts and poems (secret Santa style). It was a real treat to be involved in such a different festive tradition and really lovely to watch!

Photo by Ruth
Photo by Ruth
Photo by Ruth
On Sunday we spent my last day exploring the city a bit more and visited the Van Gogh museum which was interesting and worth a look!

Ann Frank's House

Photo by Ruth

Photo by Ruth

On Sunday night I headed back home after a lovely jam packed weekend with my best girl! It was good for my soul. Thanks to Ruthie x