Monday, 21 January 2013


 On Saturday I trekked through the snow to perform at the Wonderful "Burly Q" in Sheffield! (Actually I had no transport problems whatsoever despite what the news has been reporting about public transport!)

It had been a year since I had the pleasure of performing in this wonderful show and it was well worth the wait! It is always a sell out success and run by the sweetest bunch you could meet! I love it there! 

I was performing alongside the lovely Amber Topaz, Sherry Trifle, Lilly Laudanum, Josephine Shaker, Pixie Le Knot, Ooh La Lowri and Crimson Skye! And what a show it was, everyone headliners in their own rights!

Wall of Fame! Burly Q Posters by Joe Boneshaker
Backstage with Lilly & Amber!
Notice in our did they know!?
Snowy Train Ride Home
Snug at home watching the snow.

Friday, 18 January 2013


So after a truly FRUSTRATING month without broadband in our new house, I am finally back online!
It was a month ago this week that we moved into the house and we have done so much work, but there is still a load to do...

It is so tiring and stressful and DIY always seems to take 3 times longer than you think. It also hasn't helped moving in freezing December into a house that has been unoccupied for a year. Cold + Damp + Condensation = Misery

Here is a little sneaky peak into what we have been working on, turning our first property into "home". It's getting there...

The Jungle (Front Garden)
The Jungle (Back Garden)
Papa Painting the Livingroom
Papa Smashing out old kitchen cupboards!
Bedroom Wallpaper
New Kitchen waiting to be fitted
Box Jenga
Vintage Aqua Bath Suite Fitted!
Shoe Cupboard
New Kitchen Fitted!