Sunday, 17 March 2013


I so am super proud to be able to finally unveil that I feature as one of the "True British Characters" for Lamb's Navy Rum newest campaign!! The campaign is now live and you can see photos and interviews with all the "Characters" here:

Keep you eyes peeled in the glossy mags too over coming months!

In the mean time here is a little selection of captures from the website and interview footage:

Friday, 15 March 2013


On the 28th Feb I flew to my beloved Milano for a long weekend with my Voodoo De Luxe Family!

When I arrived I enjoyed a day of vintage shopping (Virgil knows all the best places!), eating, drinking and catching up! I also visited the amazing new "Dennis KD House" in Milan an awesome 50's style American Diner that serve great diner food and drinks! I was so delighted to have a drink named after me too! "Missy's Kisses"( JD, Ginger Ale, Apricot Brandy, Lemon, Lime, Sugar & Mint!)

Check out this awesome promo video for Dennis KD House here: DENNIS KD HOUSE

"Missy's Kisses"
With the main man Dennis!! ....and Virgil in the back.

Vintage Shopping!

On Friday night we travelled to another beautiful 1950's inspired bar/restaurant the "Memphis Belle"in Mortara (about an hour away from Milan) for a burlesque evening. It served lovely food and I was in love with the decor, especially their collection of vintage lamps!! I was performing alongside the beautiful Bianca Nevius!

Bianca & Me

Bianca & Me
Virgil & Me
On Saturday I enjoyed a wander around Milan city centre before the "Royal Burlesque" show that evening at
Salon Parisien. I really do love Milan, it is like a old friend now after working there regularly over the last six years.

The "Royal Burlesque" show that evening was a storming success as always! I was performing alongside the excellent Pippa The Ripper, Dixie Ramone and Sin Sara Bin! If you are ever in Milan, please do try to catch one of Voodoo De Luxe's high quality events!

Pippa & Me Backstage at Royal Burlesque
I had an especially nice time this trip as it has been quite a busy and stressful period for me back home and it was great for me to have a couple of enforced afternoons off enjoying the sights in the sunshine alongside spending time with my good friends and wonderful hosts Virgil and Sara (thanks guys! Just what I needed).

A home from home in Milano!

Ciao Bella! Until next time...


Life has got in the way for the last couple weeks and I have a huge Blog backlog so lets get the ball rolling!

Back on the 19th of Feb "NEVADA" screened at Glasgow Film Festival along with live score from Lau. This was such a stunningly beautiful event (screened  in the beautiful surroundings of St Andrews Church) and with the hugely stirring live sounds from Lau. this was the way in which this film was intended and deserves to be seen.

I was so proud to attend the event along with my parents, friends and all the hard working creatives who helped produce this amazing piece of work.

For a lovely and much better written round up of the night, read Ruth Paxton's (Director) blog here:

Photos by Ruth Paxton

Ruth & Me
 Also on that very same night.....I broke the tip of my index finger by shutting it in a car door. It is still sore now and proved a real pain in the arse when I need to get things done!