Friday, 15 March 2013


Life has got in the way for the last couple weeks and I have a huge Blog backlog so lets get the ball rolling!

Back on the 19th of Feb "NEVADA" screened at Glasgow Film Festival along with live score from Lau. This was such a stunningly beautiful event (screened  in the beautiful surroundings of St Andrews Church) and with the hugely stirring live sounds from Lau. this was the way in which this film was intended and deserves to be seen.

I was so proud to attend the event along with my parents, friends and all the hard working creatives who helped produce this amazing piece of work.

For a lovely and much better written round up of the night, read Ruth Paxton's (Director) blog here:

Photos by Ruth Paxton

Ruth & Me
 Also on that very same night.....I broke the tip of my index finger by shutting it in a car door. It is still sore now and proved a real pain in the arse when I need to get things done!

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