Monday, 21 January 2013


 On Saturday I trekked through the snow to perform at the Wonderful "Burly Q" in Sheffield! (Actually I had no transport problems whatsoever despite what the news has been reporting about public transport!)

It had been a year since I had the pleasure of performing in this wonderful show and it was well worth the wait! It is always a sell out success and run by the sweetest bunch you could meet! I love it there! 

I was performing alongside the lovely Amber Topaz, Sherry Trifle, Lilly Laudanum, Josephine Shaker, Pixie Le Knot, Ooh La Lowri and Crimson Skye! And what a show it was, everyone headliners in their own rights!

Wall of Fame! Burly Q Posters by Joe Boneshaker
Backstage with Lilly & Amber!
Notice in our did they know!?
Snowy Train Ride Home
Snug at home watching the snow.

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