Thursday, 24 March 2011

J'adore Paris & Zurich!

I returned home on Tuesday night after my awesome trip to Paris and Zurich! It is shows like these that really make me love my job! I am so grateful to meet such lovely people and see the world. Here is a little photo diary of my trip!

After arriving in Paris on Friday night I enjoyed a meal with my host Mathilde, Pinkie Special & Elise and an early night! On Saturday morning I taught my fandance workshop in a lovely dance studio to an amazing group of girls who were super fast learners! After the workshop we wandered around some super cheap vintage shops and I spent hours digging for bargains! That evening Pinkie Special cooked a feast and we were introduced to the film "Peau d'├éne" (Donkey Skin) which was def a cultural experience!

Trawling the Vintage Shops in Paris

On Sunday morning I got up early to visit the stunningly beautiful Cemetery Pere-Lachaise. I could have wandered around it all day, it was so peaceful.

Cemetery Pere-Lachaise

The tree beside Jim Morrison's Grave

I then caught the metro across Paris for a photoshoot with the lovely Karin Bey for her newest exhibition project, to be announced soon!

After travelling back across Paris I arrived at the venue "La Fleche d'Or" for the evening's "La Glitter Fever VIII" show! The show was great fun & Wild!

Me & Pinkie Backstage - Paris
On Monday morning I said my goodbyes and caught the train from Paris to Zurich in Switzerland! The journey was 4 1/2 hours long so I got alot of reading done and was very comfortable in my 1st Class seat! The views were spectacular on the way!

On the Paris to Zurich Train
Once I arrived in Zurich I was taken to "The Plaza" for the "Oh la la Cherie" show, the venue was beautiful and very chic in style!
The Plaza - Zurich
The show was a great success and was very professionally ran! I really enjoyed performing for such a fab audience and with a brilliant cast! We then drank Champagne until the wee small hours before retiring to our hotel.

Backstage in Zurich with Pamela Sweet, Emma Mylan, Pippa The Rippa & Slinky Sparkles 
On Tuesday afternoon said goodbye to Switzerland and flew home (via Copenhagen!) after a wonderful and jam packed few days! I am now back home and trying to catch up with emails & laundry!

The Swiss Alps on the way home!

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