Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Last Wednesday I jetted off to Milan for a private press event for Swarovski!! I had a bit of a fright at the airport when my feather fans were lost in transit! Luckily they turned up the next afternoon just in time for the evening show!

The Swarovski event was every showgirl's dream job! Swarovski Crystals are a key element to most of our costumes!! It was the unveiling of the 2012 jewelery collection for the press and the theme of the event was 1950's Diner complete with Roller Waitresses! Cue me!

My fellow Roller Girl was the lovely Bee Boop, we were also accompanied by some super cute 50's waitresses/waiters and a BEAUTIFUL pink Cadillac Sedan De Ville! We roller skated around that Caddy for 10 hours!! So it gave me a good chance to brush up on my skating skills! We were also treated to lovely food and Swarovski jewelery, not too shabby!!

After the event finished I dashed across Milan to perform at the press launch of  Voodoo De Luxe's "Dinner Retro Show" at Memo Restaurant. It is a BEAUTIFUL place and I would highly recommend it for dinner and a show if you are in Milan! For more info visit: www.memorestaurant.com

I was performing alongside the stunning Dolly Lamour and Janet Fishietto and it was headdress tastic back stage!! Here are some snaps:

After the show I was dropped of at a airport hotel were I had an hour and half sleep and a shower before I jumped on my plane back to the UK to head straight for the Rhythm Riot weekender (blog to follow!).

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