Sunday, 23 September 2012


Well it has been another busy old week since my last blog! I will attempt to fill in the gaps now!

Last Saturday I was performing at one of my favourite shows over here in the UK, the wonderful "Wet Spot" in Leeds (which I have mentioned here many times before!) As always I had a lovely time and the line up was a cracker! Including Dusty Limits, Ophilia Bitz, Domino Barbeau, Coco Malone, Scarlett Daggers, Julie Jones and Ryvita Von Cheese.

Scarlett, Ophilia and Me backstage!
Live on Stage - Photos by Anthony Ware

After the show I stayed at the wonderful Scarlett Daggers place and we awoke bright (!?) and early last Sunday to hit up a carboot sale in Derby and an awesome antiques centre too! Of course I found a few goodies during our rummage!

50's Cocktail Glasses
50's Glass Lightshade
Carlton Ware "Wind Swept"
Tooled Leather Handbag

Last Monday I headed over to Bristol to perform at the UWE Freshers Ball, which was fun! and Wednesday I was teaching my Fandance Workshop in Cheltenham! The class was full of super keen and lovely ladies!

Cheltenham Workshop!
Then on Friday I had the pleasure of performing at "The Welsh Rockabilly Fair" in Porthcawl! It was a fabulous show and it was lovely to visit the beach at Porthcawl! The show line up included Foo Foo La Belle,  Sandy Sure, Betty Blue Eyes, Katie Von Cupcake, Gigi Sextone, Poppy Vanguard and Frank Honeybone.

Porthcawl Beach

And today I headed to my local carboot sale in Cheltenham and had a rummage in the rain...
Still found a few soggy gems!

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  1. How bizarre...I picked up a 50s cocktail glass at a Derbyshire car boot last Sunday for 10p exactly same as yours!!!! Spooky!!!! I also picked up one at the same stall with playing cards on - love a bargain!!!