Wednesday, 7 November 2012


On Thursday last week I was delighted to perform at the opening of the  "Pink Kitten Dance Studio" in Bristol alongside Sandy Sure and Ed Muir! It is a lovely big spacious studio and they run a host of different classes including Pole Dancing, Burlesque and circus skills! Check them out here:

Pink Kitten Studio Opening -
Photo by Bert's Photography

On Saturday I made the long trek to Sunderland for the Coquette Collective's "Hell Fire Burlesque". It is a wonderful super fun show to perform at and the collective had a real family feel backstage! I was looked after very well and was so happy to be involved. Here are some lovely live shots from Paul Wright Photography

The Coquette Collective
As I was full of the cold and not feeling my best, I would like to extend a special Thank You to all the people that really looked after me at these events. You are all stars and I hope I didn't give you my lurgy.... 

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