Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bluestocking Lounge!

On Saturday I headed to Wales to teach my sold out Fandance Workshop and later to perform at the fabulous sold out "Bluestocking Lounge" at the Grand Theatre.

After a mad dash to the dance studio (after train delays thanks to the Wales vs France Rugby match!)
I arrived by the skin of my teeth! We had a fantastic workshop and the girls were all fab and super keen!

True Words

Fandance Workshop

 After the workshop I relaxed for a couple of hours with a cup of tea and a power nap on the stage as everything was being set up in the venue! The show was awesome fun and had a really happy, relaxed atmosphere, I had a blast! The shows line up included Lilly Laudanum, Penny Bizarre, Sandy Sure, Primrose Proper, Boris & Doris and The Dawn of Spring!  After the show I enjoyed pasta and a good natter into the night with Penny & Lilly before a painfully early start this morning to catch my train home!

Boris & Doris, Penny Bizzare, Lilly Laudanum, Sandy Sure, Primrose Proper, Me,
Little Willie and The Dawn of Spring!

Here are some lovely live shots from the show by Miss Moth Photographic Arts:

I was also tickled to see that Jelly Babies are 90 years old this year see how they have aged below!!
(p.s Thank you to Sandy Sure for letting me eat them all!)

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