Sunday, 25 March 2012


Yesterday I headed to Manchester to perform at "Manchester 235 Casino Goes Burlesque". It was a super glitzy affair and the casino location and decor worked perfectly!

I was performing alongside the wonderful Millie Dollar, Velma Von Bon Bon, Coco Malone and Rosie Lagosi. The entertainment part of the evening was also produced by the lovely Bella Besame of Slippery Belle. It is always a real treat to work with friends you have known for years, it hardly feels like work!

Millie Dollar & Me

Millie, Velma, Coco, Rosie & Me Backstage
 After the show I relaxed in my new favourite dress the "Malone" by 20th Century Foxy it is such a perfect fit and highlights all the right curves! You can get you hands on your very own here: Millie Dollar wears a vintage 60's dress!

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  1. Really wish i still had my fancy shoes on for the last shot...!