Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Last Saturday I hot footed it over to beautiful Gothenburg in Sweden to perform at the wonderful "Tip the Velvet" -

My baby faced passport photo - Age 16
Unfortunately when I arrived I was faced with every performers worst nightmare......lost luggage! My suitcase (with all my costumes and props) had missed its connection in Frankfurt!

 With the assurance that it would be arriving on the 11.30pm flight I headed off to the venue and started sewing and gathering donated pieces of costume from the other lovely performers to make a Plan B!

The show was already halfway through when my suitcase finally arrived at the venue (with huge thanks to Marlene for collecting it from the airport for me!!) and the day was saved! I have never been happier to see that suitcase...

Here are some lovely live shots from the show by Patrik Petroff

 The next day I enjoyed some vintage shopping and awesome felafel with my lovely host and producer of the show Jenny (Swedish Siren) before I caught my flights home!

Some of my Vintage Finds

Moose Snacks!
Swedish Chocolate is funny....
I am also delighted to feature as a covergirl for Swedish car magazine "Bilsport Classic" this month, so it was fun to see it on the newstands and pick up a copy while I was over there!

On the new stand!
Hotrod Hayride Feature inside!

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