Wednesday, 31 October 2012


 So it's that time of year again (my favourite time)! Halloween! As it falls midweek this year I am at home relaxing by Pumpkin light! Here is our Pumpkin this year, Dave & I designed it together but it was the first one that I have carved fully by myself! I'm quite proud of him!

I also wanted to blog about a fantastic company called "Vintage Vi" - . They specialise in beautiful custom cameo jewelry designed to your specifications! They also have a lovely in house range to choose from too. When Vi got in touch and asked if I would like to choose one I was delighted but could not decide between three of my favourite muses to be in my cameo, so I left it to her to surprise me with which one she chose!  

When my beautiful "Bride of Frankenstein" arrived just in time for Halloween I was over the moon! I would highly recommend her lovely craftsmanship to anyone and what a beautiful gift they would make! Huge Thanks again to Vi! 

Cameo by Vintage Vi

Here is my own tribute to the Bride
Photo by Neil Kendall
Also here is a little selection of Halloween-y stuff that I saw and liked this year! Enjoy!

Trick or Treat? Sadly I defiantly received a trick this year...

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